• 4Derpartaments
  • 20+Professionals
  • 7years together
  • 150thousand tons per month
About our team

About Us

We specialize in international freight forwarding of packaged and groupage cargo by road, rail, air and marine transport in European, Russian, Asian, American directions.

The company is steady and reliable partner for many Belorussian organizations providing freight forwarding and logistic services.

Our mission

  • We strive to make the world better

    We provide a superior level of personalized service in logistic area. We run our business openly and develop enterprise.

  • We build
    a big company

    Our success is based on professionalism, self-development and self-realization of our team

  • We bring joy
    and excellent performance

    We're uniquely qualified to meet all of your transportation needs, providing excellence in logistics services. We work to understand your unique needs and make it our business for you to stay successful with yours.

Our policy

  • Honesty
    and exposure

    We don’t conceal anything from the clients. We are open and honest with our partners.

  • Respect
    and support

    We respect any work in our company and support co-worker. We are aimed to create good conditions for comfortable work, professional and personal development of our stuff.

  • Everything
    is possible

    There are only we can limit our abilities. We keep an eye on the ambitious goals and achieve the result through the hard work and persistence.

  • Team

    Our achievements are the team’s result. We support each other and help new specialists. This is the way we can succeed.

  • Healthy

    We promote healthy lifestyle. Active work and rest are keys to success.

  • Excellent

    Our company provides opportunities for everybody. There is a great chance to make career through work and outcome.

Our team

Life in the office


"TV Logistic" is a real springboard for personal skills demonstration.

You can integrate if only you are ready to grow. And no matter what kind of background you got into the team, the demands of the company and colleagues will always pull you up.

Artem Zhartun, works in the company with the latest university courses